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Meet Anita Barker

We understand that you are time poor, but that your website and other online elements are an important part of your business.  We are made to believe that setting up a website is so easy, but there are alot of elements to consider.  So why not get a specialist to help? We will work with you on a one to one basis to get it right.  We aren't a one stop solution, every client is different and therefore our service is totally tailored to you.


Anita has worked solely in marketing since 1990 and mainly online since 1997. With a vast breadth of experience working with brands such as BT, Amazon and Ask Jeeves, and was employed by Freeserve/Wanadoo/Orange, Sky and Haven Holidays (Bourne Leisure). Her experience covers, marketing communication, search marketing - pay per click and SEO, online advertising, social media, customer experience and usability and website building as well as general consultancy skills.

Barker Online Marketing is the brainchild of Anita Barker, who started this consultancy in 2009 to be there for small and medium businesses, to champion them online. Over this time we have learnt how to get quickly to the key issues for your business and how achieve your goals.

Anita Barker Barker Online Marketing

Snapshot CV

- Online Consultant, Haven Holidays


- Online Marketing Controller, Sky TV


- Head of Digital Marketing - Wanadoo/Orange Home


- Group Account Director - Triangle Communications

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